What is your return policy?

We have a return policy of 15 days after purchase to return items in undamaged/new condition for a full refund.
Email Easy Access Underwear for Return Requests:



What are the different sizes offered/Size Chart?

Yes, our boxers are available in various sizes to accommodate different preferences.
Waist Sizes:
Small (28"- 30")
Medium (30"- 34")
Large (36"- 38")
Extra Large (44"- 46")
Is the magnetic closure safe for daily wear?
Yes, the magnetic closure is designed for safe and reliable everyday use.
The magnets themselves are enclosed in a secure plastic case.

What material is used in the construction of the underwear?

Our underwear is crafted from high-quality and breathable spandex and Polyester for the highest comfort and durability.

Is the magnetic closure noticeable from the outside?

No, the magnetic closure is discreetly integrated into the design, ensuring a seamless appearance.

Can I machine wash and dry the underwear?

Yes, our underwear is machine washable and can be tumble dried for convenience.

Are these boxers suitable for all body types?

Yes, our boxers are designed to provide a comfortable fit for a wide range of body types coming in various sizes.

Do you offer different colors?

Currently, we offer a Black, White, Orange, and Multicolored option. 
We are continuously exploring new and fresh options.


Is the magnetic front flap secure during physical activities?

Yes, the magnetic closure is designed to stay secure during various activities, providing peace of mind and ease of movement.